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Be Smart - Track Valuables

Visualize a pipe breaking and flooding your house; a hurricane or tornado destroying your home or a thief in the night. 

All are BAD enough, RIGHT? But wait there’s MORE.

If you can’t prove the value of what was destroyed (or stolen in the case of theft), things could be even worse. Having an inventory of your valuables and supporting documentation like photographs and receipts is crucial to supporting any claim on your home owner insurance policy. 

Below is a handy chart that indicates how to properly document your valuables. Make sure you have the proper riders on your policy to support all of your valuables. Store this information electronically somewhere other than on your home computer. Email it to your work email or an online free email account. Put it on a thumb drive or two and put one in a safe-deposit box or fire/water-proof safe.

Update this information at the minimum every two years, especially after any major purchases. You can store images in an online photo acount like www.snapfish.com

 Avoid a finanical crisis  - be smart, track your valuables.