Teachers 2013 - 2014 Planning Calendars

Teacher's Insurance Specialists - Horace Mann 2012 - 2013 Planning Calendars
They have arrived!  The 2013-2014 Teachers Planning Calendar have arrived at Simone Baldwin's office.  If you are a frequent user of these calendars, you know that your current calendar is set to end in August.  Provided free of charge, they are a wonderful tool to keep by your phone, on your desk or in your car so that you do not miss any important events and/or dates.  
This Teachers  school-year planning calendar is very popular with teachers. If you would like to have one delivered to you this year, just give me a call or email me with the information below or  you can compliete our online Calendar Request Form.
Name ___________________________________________
Home address _____________________________________
City ___________________State ______ ZIP____________
Home phone # ___________________ E-mail ____________________________
Name of school ____________________________________________________
Best time and way to reach you ________________________________________
As your Exclusive Agent for your school district, this calendar comes to you with my compliments! If you’re interested in more information regarding the benefits of the following products, let me know. You’re not obligated to purchase anything.
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403(b) tax-deferred annuity Retirement planning program
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