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Partner Companies

Teacher’s Insurance Specialists does not just sell insurance policies; we help our clients to allocate their insurance budgets to get the best coverage with the greatest overall protection value. Our clients seek our professional advice, just as they would from their attorney, accountant, doctor or dentist.  Please allow us to be your trusted insurance and financial services partner.

Below you will find our highly "A" rated partner companies that we always utilize for some of your Florida Insurance needs. We invite you to learn more about them by visiting the links below.

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Partner CompanyMain Phone #Web SiteContact InfoPolicy Holder Login

ASI 866-274-8765 ASI WebSite Payments,Questions,Claims Login
Citizens 888-685-1555 Citizens WebSite Payments,Questions,Claims Login
Florida Family 888-850-4663 Florida Family WebSite Payments,Questions,Claims Login
HomeWise 866-496-1782 Homewise Payments,Questions,Claims None Currently
Sunshine State 877-563-0150 Sunshine State WebSite Payments,Questions,Claims Online Payments
Universal Property 800-425-9113 Universal Property WebSite Payments,Questions,Claims Login
Progressive 800-776-4737 Progressive WebSite Payments,Questions,Claims Login


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