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Auto Insurance Florida - What's Important


We offer many types of Florida Auto Insurance coverage to meet any lifestyle. Work with us to find the best value for you.

Florida Auto Insurance

When you're looking for Florida auto insurance, you want to get a policy that gives you great coverage and peace of mind. There are plenty of choices available, but your lifestyle and how you use your vehicle can help determine which policy is right for you. We'll work with you to ensure that you get the proper coverage at a price you're happy with.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage offers protection for bodily injury and property damage. If you damage someone's property or cause an accident in which someone else is injured, you'll be covered up to the policy maximums you've selected. Family members living with you and driving your car, or driving another person's car with permission, will also be covered.

Uninsured Motor Vehicle Coverage

A good teachers auto insurance policy should have uninsured motorists coverage, which will protect you in the event of an accident where an uninsured driver was at fault. This coverage will protect you and the people in your car, no matter what vehicle you're driving. Coverage can also be used for a hit-and-run accident where the other driver left the scene.

Underinsured Motor Vehicle Coverage

 Similar to uninsured motorist coverage, underinsured motor vehicle coverage is another important component of Florida auto insurance. If another driver causes an accident and his coverage isn't sufficient to fix your car or pay your medical bills, you can use this coverage to make up the difference. It's a great way to protect your family from unscrupulous drivers.

Medical Payments/Personal Injury Protection Coverage

Medical payments and personal injury protection are available for use on a teachers auto insurance policy, no matter who is at fault in the accident. It covers the driver and passengers, and can also protect you if you're a pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle. The coverage pays for ambulance, hospital, eyeglasses, medical and surgical care, and even funeral expenses.

Collision Coverage

In an accident, collision coverage on your Florida auto insurance can pay to have your car repaired. You can also get your car replaced if it is too badly damaged for repair, as long as you pay your deductible.

Comprehensive Coverage

Problems that are not collision-related, such as theft, fire, or glass breakage, are covered by comprehensive insurance. Once you pay your deductible you're covered for the rest, up to the total cash value of the vehicle that was damaged.


Florida Life Insurance - What's Important


When a person sets out to find the right life insurance policy, there is much to consider. How much coverage is needed is important to talk about with family and with a trusted insurance agent, but the dollar amount the policy will offer to your survivors isn't the only issue. There are also different types of life insurance, such as whole life and term life, and you will need to determine which of those policies is the best choice for your family.

Whole Life Insurance

Getting a whole life policy costs more in monthly premiums than term insurance, but can also offer more protection in the sense that whole life policies often provide cash value. People who have whole life insurance policies that have been in effect for some time are able to borrow against their life insurance when they need money for something significant. In doing that, however, it is important to understand that the death benefit to survivors will be lower because of the money that has been taken out of policy, unless that money is paid back before the insured person passes away. For teachers life insurance, a whole policy can be a good one to build financial security over time.

Term Life Insurance

Term insurance does not build cash value in the way that whole life does, but the monthly premiums paid are significantly lower. When people are young, they can get hundreds of thousands of dollars of coverage on a term life policy for only a few dollars per month. That is a very good deal financially, but they are also unlikely to use that insurance because of their young ages. Older people can get term life insurance, but they must pay more than younger people because their risk of dying during the term of the insurance is higher than someone who is younger. That makes sense from a financial standpoint, but even at a higher rate term insurance can still be a very good choice. When considering teachers life insurance, it is important to realize that every person is different in what they need to financially protect their family in the event of their death. Be sure to ask an agent before acquiring a policy, so you can decide between term and whole life and can determine the insurance level that will be right for you.

We are Florida Life Insurance Specialists and can help you make sure you have the right coverage.

We offer many types of Florida Life Insurance coverage to meet any lifestyle.  Work with us to find the best value for you.

Florida Home Insurance - What's Important?

Of all the states in which to get homeowner insurance Florida can be one of the most expensive. Much of the increased cost associated with getting home insurance in Florida comes from the dangers posed by tropical weather. After a hurricane, many Florida insurance companies are hit by massive numbers of claims. That can bankrupt smaller companies, especially if they have not been charging enough in premiums. They end up without enough money in reserve to pay claims, and they are forced to close their doors and stop doing business in Florida.

Even companies that are large and have strong financial bases sometimes have trouble with the number of claims made after a hurricane, and those that continue to operate in the state of Florida are forced to raise rates. Not every person in Florida has insurance to protect him from a hurricane or other natural disaster, but anyone living in the state and financing his house is required by the lender to carry adequate insurance - including coverage for hurricanes.

Even though it can be expensive to get home insurance Florida is a beautiful state with much to offer and many people don't mind paying the higher insurance rates for the privilege of living in what they consider to be paradise. If you're one of those people, you can still try to get a lower insurance rate. Consider your options for homeowner insurance. Florida has a lower number of companies to choose from than other states, but there are still options.

We are Florida Home Insurance Specialists and can help you make sure you have the right coverage with A rated companies.


We offer many types of Florida Home Insurance coverage to meet any type of home or condo.  Work with us to find the best value for you.

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